Jetson ile Bilgisayar Arasında Ethernet Bağlantısı Yapma

If you are running Ubuntu on your PC, or if you use another operating system that has NetworkManager, then you can make your PC act as a router with just a few clicks in a graphical user interface. Just connect the Jetson board to the PC with an Ethernet cable (patch or crossover — does not matter with modern Ethernet devices) and create an Internet Connection Sharing connection in 6 steps:

  1. Open the Network Menu on your panel (the menu where you usually select wireless connections) and select “Edit connections”
  2. Click on the “Add” button
  3. Select “Ethernet” from the drop-down menu (most likely already selected) and click “Create…”
  4. Give the connection a nice name, e.g. “Jetson”
  5. Open the IPv4 tab.
  6. In the “Method” box, select “Shared with other computers” and click the “Save…” button

Now whenever you plug in the Ethernet cable, both your PC and Jetson will be waiting for a router. You then need to select the “Jetson” connection so that your PC would act as a router for Jetson.


NVIDIA Jetson TX1 OpenCV 3.1 Kurulumu

OpenCV 3.1 kurulumu için aşağıdaki adresdeki adımları takip edebilirsiniz.

OpenCV 3.1 ile board kamerası kullanımı:

Performans testi

Gömülü Sistemlerde Derin Öğrenme Uygulamaları Eğitimi

20 Ağusto 2016 tarihinde Cyberpark/Ankara’da NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX1 Developer Kit ve NVIDIA® Jetson™ TK1 Developer Kit demolarınında gösterileceği eğitimle ilgili daha fazla bilgi almak ve eğitime katılmak için aşağıdaki adresi ziyaret edebilirsiniz.

Derin Öğrenme ve Bilgisayarlı Görü İçin NVIDIA Jetson TX1 Developer Kit Test Sürüşü

The Jetson TX1 module is NVIDIA’s latest processor system-on-module for embedded applications, based on the Tegra X1 chip. The Jetson TX1 Developer Kit is a low-cost, feature-rich development kit based on the Jetson TX1 module. BDTI, a technology analysis firm, used the Jetson TX1 Developer Kit to develop a deep-learning-based computer vision application-a camera that recognizes objects-leveraging the popular OpenCV and Caffe software packages. BDTI also implemented a classical computer vision algorithm on the Jetson TX1 kit, leveraging software packages provided by NVIDIA. Based on BDTI’s experience developing the deep-learning-based application and the classical computer vision algorithm, this report presents an independent evaluation of the ease of use of the Jetson TX1 kit for new users. This report is intended for developers and managers interested in an independent perspective on the Jetson TX1 kit. Setting up and using the Jetson TX1 Developer Kit was quick and easy. Within a few days, an engineer with no prior OpenCV or Caffe experience was able to create a real-time implementation of a smart camera application on the Jetson TX1 board, making use of GPU-accelerated versions of OpenCV and Caffe to obtain real-time performance without having to optimize code himself. A computer vision expert was able to quickly further optimize the deep-learning application and was able to leverage NVIDIA libraries and SDKs to quickly implement a classical computer vision algorithm.

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